I am a wedding and portrait photographer based in the San Francisco Bay Area. I love shooting weddings and portraits because as much as I love photography, I also enjoy the interaction with my clients. My perspective is affected as well by the fact that my family home burned down in the Oakland Hills Fire. Because of that event we lost virtually every photograph that we had. One might think that losing all those silly and embarrassing pictures might be a good thing. Well you know how they say you never know what you have until you lose it, I found that it saddened me that so many memories were lost forever. As a result, I feel I have a distinct understanding about how valuable the images and memories that I am entrusted to record truly are; perhaps more so than my clients do themselves at that moment in time. As a result, my desire is to capture more than just an image but an emotion, a feeling, an event, a memory.

Wm Eric Images operates on the premise that images which are produced are of high value to our clients, and therefore strives to produce work which is worthy of that endeavour. My goal is to reveal the essence of people and events in a modern classic style through photojournalistic captures and stylized portraiture, which reveal the true emotions, feelings, and personality of my clients and their special day. My mentors have driven it into me that you can take a pretty picture but if there is no emotion then it is nothing. Therefore my philosophy is light is important, photographers talk about it all the time but really at the end of the day it is the light from within our subjects blended with our unique use of visual light that will create a truly exceptional image. So it is my hope and desire to be able to capture that true light that radiates from each of us and preserve those memories and dreams that moment in our lives.