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Popeye used to always say that, because he was trying to say all he was, was just who he was.  I feel that is important as well when we photographers go out with a client.  When I go out to shoot a session with a couple, one of the main things I want is for us to go out and have a good time with it.  I sometimes feel like if a groom says to me at the end, “You know I actually had a good time doing this.” it is one of the highest praises I can get, since in many instances the guys are just not that into taking pictures.  I love to connect with couples, primarily because I feel that the interaction actually enriches my life, but also because if we connect and a couple is comfortable with me their imagery will be so much better as well.


So of course being a wedding photographer, part of my goal is to get out there and create a romantic feel in the imagery and just really highlight the love that a couple has for each other.  However, it is also my job to capture who they are as well.  That is why I am always open to suggestions from a couple and also will try and think of ways to incorporate their personalities into the shot.  Often a couple will ask if we can take a particular shot and at least in my mind, I think I usually can produce it for them.  This brings back the importance of knowing how to use different types of lighting since it allows for more creativity and flexibility in executing and capturing what a couple desires.  I recently heard from some people about a photographer who makes their clients dress and do things just to fit their “Style.”  I mean it is important as an artist to develop a style that is yours but I think you can do that and still have flexibility to deliver what a client is looking for as well.  You just have to incorporate their ideas and then do it with your own twist to make it your style.


This shot here is of Wenyin & Thomas.  I had thought about this shot and wanted to do it for them because:


  1. They are really into photography
  2. Thomas loves to take pictures (much to the delight and frustration of Wenyin, ha ha…)
  3. They are one of the funniest couples I know


So my thought was I wanted to create a portrait that would show Thomas’s love of taking pictures and also highlight their fun loving personalities.  We found this very cool looking old building and set about getting this shot.  In the end it required 5 strobes all fired by my Scott Robert Tiny Triggers to get this.


Why do I love this image, because it captures them and also because I was able to come up with something that is for them.  Is it in my “Style?”  I would think it is.  When they look back at this, it is an image that captures who they are while also being something that they won’t see in other couples albums.

One thought on “I Ams What I Ams, And That’s Alls That I Ams | Bay Area Wedding Portrait Photography

  • “funniest”? You mean “funnest” right? 😉
    We have a great time shooting with you 🙂 and love our images. 2 in one! Whee!!

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